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Kama price-comparison site started SEM activities with GO-Company - web site marketing and promotion. Within only three months of activity, positive results are already concrete with plans and goals for the next quarter.

About Us

Kama- price comparison site is owned by the Walla Portal- the most Popular Homepage in Israel, and Yad2- Israel's largest second hand portal. The site includes a web system for comparing prices of products at hundreds of Israeli online virtual stores. As its goal, the site presents the consumers with real time reliable information and provides high quality tools with detailed information about products and a comparison of their prices at different stores.

The site includes supplementary information, tips for purchase, as well as a lot of technical information and recommendations.


The campaign managed by Google Ad-words to increase quality traffic to the site, which focused on identified target audiences relevant to comparing prices of selected products on the site, and despite the enormous efforts invested in it, proved to be a losing campaign and failed to restore the amounts invested in it.

GO installed advanced motions tracking and analytics codes throughout the entire site. Based on a deep analysis of the existing activities, through its work methodologies, GO changed the strategy for selecting campaigns and promotional phrases. Consequently, it was decided to re-orient campaigns in order to maximize their potential profits, and profit ends were defined based on cost-per-click conversion rates.
Thus, amazing results were achieved starting at the very first month of activity!

Income increased by- 145%
CPC decreased by- 18%

The results of the campaign only continued to improve from quarter to quarter:
  • Income increased by- 275%
  • The ROI improved in- 475%
  • CPC decreased by- 200%!

Nowadays, GO Company continues to promote the site, while constantly improving conversion rates along with lower CPC. The whole process is performed while maintaining ongoing contact with the client, mutual support and professional assistance in performing the required actions.

"After a thorough examination of several Online Internet Marketing companies, we decided to go with GO Company. We were amazed to find exceptional expertise's and professional knowledge in the Online Internet Marketing field and during only a few months a significant improvement in all parameters was seen..."

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