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Using top of the edge SEO technique and the excellent web development and code understanding of GO SEO team, Psagot had conquered the top results for over 36 different keywords in the financial world.

Psagot Investment House is the largest investment house in Israel, in charge of over 142 Billion NIS worth of assets, and controlled by Apax Partners.
Psagot identified that most of their prospects customers in the financial market are shifting to online research of better solutions and financial products and services. Most of the relevant online traffic is coming through Google organic results.
Psagot approached GO Internet Marketing to research the relevant keywords and terms and execute a search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns on Psagot site.

Search Engine Optimization Results

GO Internet Marketing research for relevant search phrases done by prospect customers, with high conversion potential.  On top of this, Psagot dictated more strategic keyword to promote with high priority.  A thorough examination of Psagot site and competitive analysis completed GO research, and SEO strategy was defined.

GO launched the SEO activity and from there on, Psagot ranking on Google had improved rapidly. (See graph below).

Making their way to the top of the search results, Psagot organic traffic on promoted keywords has increased by 230% from project beginning.

GO is promoting Psagot for the third year now; with new aggressive targets and new arenas to concur such as Video & Social search results.

SEO is an ongoing activity that needs high maintenance attention on large number of factors in order to maintain competitive advantage.

GO experts in managing large and complex SEO projects that require high level of monitoring and controlling overall project aspects, including:

  • Keywords trends research
  • Content optimization
  • Site infrastructure optimization
  • Code optimization
  • Video & Social optimization
  • Natural link building

Ranking Report

In the dashboard, you can see the progress Psagot has made, in the search results since June 2009, from having only 3 keywords in the 1st page of the search results to 36 keywords in the 1st SERP by October 2011.

"We at Jobinfo, a web based HR placement company, have been working with GO for 4 years now. Since we started working, GO Company contributed substantially in promoting our site on Internet Search Engines and placed us during the first year of operation in the top organic search results..."

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