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Data Solutions

Data Solutions

The Digital Age currently allows clients to operate simultaneously on many different platforms (desktop, mobile, applications and more…) all while using and managing their different digital assets (official website, video channel, social network page etc)

As always, the key to success lies in the synchronization of all digital assets within the organization, its business and objectives.

Through the years we’ve specialized in the production of technological solutions for our clients in order to analyze and enhance all digital marketing activities.

The technological solutions department implements projects based on the vast amounts of knowledge and experience accumulated in the company. Together with its significant development capabilities, they are able to provide monitoring solutions, segmentation and smart delivery to clients and diverse advertising agencies.

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Our Services

  • Digital Media monitoring system
  • Media Revolution digital activity control center
  • Media Revolution report center
  • PPC Rex smart automation for complex campaigns
  • Digital campaigns notification system
  • Synchronization of digital activity with TV and Radio advertising


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