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Alert systems came to be developed as a result of the enormous expansion in the scope of digital campaigns and the difficulty in controlling a huge amount of data / phrases / ads / audience definitions, etc.
Existing Alert systems in today’s advertising world are based on a simple linear rules system based on averages required from the activity or top or bottom limits that cannot be exceeded, but by definition cannot take into account the outliers in a promotional activity.

This results in a loss of at least 10%-20% of a business’ potential, or a drop in the effectiveness of the digital advertising activity.
GO’s Alert System is based on unique statistical models that examine the long-term behavior of over 30 different variables in a campaign, on all levels of data. From a phrase level, to ads, to ad groups, campaigns and other general definitions.
The examinations are performed for different periods of time and take into account seasonality and changes in the levels of competition and the individual performance of each and every phrase in the campaign.
The system allows the user to set up specific alerts or automatic alerts according to the campaign history, with the system itself identifying deviations in a campaign’s normal activity in relation to past activity.
This system is one of its kind in the world, providing the campaign manager with high level control of campaign performance and at the same time reduces the overload of information that is piled up by campaign managers – leaving them time to plan, and think and improve the performance of digital activity.

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