Managing Smart RTB and Display Campaigns (Performance Based Display)

Managing Smart RTB and Display Campaigns (Performance Based Display)

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Display advertising is no longer just banners, and banners are no longer just for raising brand awareness. Using smart ad platforms, ad-serving systems and real time media buying mechanisms, awareness creating steps are developed which will shrink your CPA (and fatten your bottom line).

How do you create a successful display campaign?
We will crack
the brief and refine its objectives, while thoroughly learning the business environment of the promoted product/service.
We will adapt a winning creative using our design studio, which will be customized for the various campaign messages and audiences.
We will determine the pricing model CPA, CPM, CPC based on the campaign’s objective – is this a brand awareness campaign? A sales campaign? Both?
We will build according to needs: buy media in real time using smart RTB systems, with visitor/website targeting settings combining information layers – starting today we only buy relevant impressions!
Alternatively, we will use ad-serving systems for marketing tools in premium positions that have already been purchased, while creating a visitor-based advertising environment that is unified and cost-effective.
We will initiate improvements and optimize the campaign on a regular basis – whether it be related to interests, context, audiences, times and positions – we will dive into the numbers ourselves and leave you with a winning bottom line.

Our Expertise

We at GO specialize in managing complex display campaigns in Israel and abroad for a large and varied client base, while using smart systems which are at the technological forefront of the marketing and advertising worlds.
Our extensive experience and up to date know-how will help you obtain smart marketing solutions for challenging tasks, with a profound business understanding, achievement of objectives and creation of new peaks to which we will aspire together.


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