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The larger search engines, led by Google, have long ago become a major part of our online behavior; nearly every search for information and every product’s purchase process passes through a search box in which a user types in a phrase about which he is looking for more information.
Search engines use algorithms whose job it is to identify the most relevant results for the billions of searches users perform every day. These algorithms are based on thousands of parameters that calculate and determine the quality of a website, its content, its online presence, the user experience and the conversation about it on social networks.
A high and relevant position in search results is the product of a long and focused process revolving around the website and the brand’s digital assets, and is important and strategic for every brand, both from a sales perspective and a public image perspective.
Our search engine optimization team has developed a proven strategy and advanced work methodologies which can push almost any website to the top of search results in the content world relevant to that website.
Our marketing and content experts will guide you through a process of changing and improving your website, beginning with improving website infrastructure and targeting and improving content, all the way to distributing the website on websites and social networks so as to raise its search results position to the highest possible position.

We specialize in combined projects which include organic marketing (SEO) for complex, multi language websites, including developing and implementing content strategy for websites and social networks in Israel and around the world.

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