Multi-Variate Testing and A/B Testing

Multi-Variate Testing and A/B Testing

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There are many methods and tools to improve your site’s conversion rate. Two of the best tools to achieve this are Multi-Variate Testing and A/B Testing.

What is A/B and Multi-Variate testing?

A/B Testing allows us to examine several versions of each page so as to learn which version yields the best results.
Multi-Variate testing is similar to A/B, except this test is more complex, as we combine a few elements on a page and compare them to each other.
Once we achieve a result, the winning version is kept online.

The process of conducting A/B Testing on the site includes:

  • Selecting the page on which the test will be conducted
  • Selecting the element to be tested
  • Embedding a designated code
  • Activating the test
  • Waiting for the results and announcement of the winner


Our Experience:

 Our Analytics Department has extensive experience conducting A/B and Multi-Variate tests, which have lead to significant improvement in the performance of our clients’ websites.

Our Expertise:

We can perform A/B testing on all types of pages such as landing pages, internal pages and all types of websites, including e-commerce sites, content sites, lead generation sites, blogs and more.

Our Tools:

All of our test are performed using cutting-edge tools.
Some of the tools we use are:
Google Analytics Content Experiment Tool
Visual Website Optimizer
Kiss Metrics
and others

When approaching such a test we take into consideration a number of parameters such as volume of traffic, type of website and type of test, so that the tool will serve us most effectively.
In order to perform the test in an efficient way that will yield the best results we recommend consulting with experienced and expert professionals who will tailor the right tool and test to the client’s needs.



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